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Fish kites from a balcony

In the spring of the year, families hang out fish kites to honor their children. It used to be that these carp shaped kites were only for male children. Attitudes and customs are slowly changing in Japan so that female children are more frequently similarly honored. Gender inequity is not limited to Japan.

Azeleas along the street

One of the improvements the city made to our "main" street was planting azalea up and down both sides of the streets. These are not quite in full bloom and they need some tending, but they are beautiful none the less.

You can also see some of the magnolia trees. The magnolias seem to bloom twice. First with no leaves and white flowers. Then after the first leaves come out, alternating trees have pink and white flowers.

When the street was widened, they also put in wide brick sidewalks. The building in the background is an apartment building with a restaurant on the ground floor. I think the name uses the kanji for "mountain vegetables".

Autobacs, the auto parts store.

To the east, closer to downtown Tokyo, is this auto parts and service store. The name in roman characters, is Autobacs, and is part of a chain. We have occasionally purchased an air or oil filter there.

The main street's name is Edo Kaido and would be similar to naming a street "Washington Avenue." Edo is the old name for Tokyo, before it became the capital city. You can believe that there are many streets named Edo Kaido in Japan.

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