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Night veiw from our driveway. our street

Night veiw from our driveway

I decided to see how my little digital camera works taking night time photos. As you can see by the results—not very well. It seemed like a quiet evening to go out and see how the camera worked at night using a slow shutter speed. My hand is not as steady as it used to be years ago, and I didn't bother with a tripod.

This is the night view from our driveway. The Sakonaka's porch light is on and the view of the sky tells you that it never gets really dark in the city.

. Edo kaido

Out on the street, the traffic continues. I suppose it would—at ten o'clock on a Friday night, except that it not a Friday as you would think in the States. Most businesses are open on Saturday, so the weekend counts only one day—Sunday. Saturday nights are when most people are out and about. The streets will generally quiet down in our neighborhood except for a few stragglers for whom the night is their habitat.

Even with the movement of the camera, you can see the portion supposedly reserved for a bicycle path on the street. Also, not common everywhere, we have a spacious sidewalk on both sides of the street. Three people can walk abreast down our sidewalks. The streets are slightly damp from an afternoon and evening drizzling rain.

. The corner toward the station

With the camera steadied against a pole, this picture looks like a reasonable night photo. The traffic is stopped at the light at the corner about half way between our house and the Haijima Station. The other lights you see are part of the business district that has been built up around the station.

You cannot tell from this picture what any of the lights are, but the first clump of lights on the right is the new 7-11 store (yes, we got a 7-11 recently). The bluegreen lights somewhat in the center is the Family Mart sign. The other signs are ones I cannot identify.

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