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Pizza in the neighborhood—the best!. pizza customers

Pizza in the neighborhood—the best!

Saturday night at the local pizza hangout. Just around the corner from our house, one of our neighbors has established a pizza "joint" out of her kitchen. The small room with the tables (which holds 15 or so people) was an add-on to the front of the house. The food is prepared and served from the "house" kitchen--mostly pizzas and salads. She also serves various forms of "the potato" and draft Heineken beer. The room is full of plants, knickknacks and pictures of her regular clientele.

We've gone here several times with our good friends, Scott (red shirt) his wife Reiko, Gene (next too me on the far side) and of course Paul and Candy.

Friends gathered for Beverly's Birthday. Beverly's Pizza Birthday

Friends gathered for Beverly's Birthday

This Saturday evening was special. Reiko called ahead of time and told her we were coming. No other group would be served. The occasion? Bev's 50th birthday. The owner played some special Beatles' (mostly John Lennon Imagine) music and served generous portions of salad, and her specialty-of-the-house pizza, mushroom, tomato and garlic. I didn't know we were going to be going to this special place tonight. Around 6:30 p.m. Paul started turning off the lights and said he was hungry.

"Let's go for pizza".

Sure, Great. Boy was I surprised!!!

Pizzayasan is standing at the head of the table. There is one more small table to the left (not shown) and a 31 cm (12") counter on the right hand wall.

Satisfied customers. Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

Time to leave. The owner gives me a bouquet of flowers, and a special bottle of wine. (She's given us her special Italian house dressing before when we've made our departure.) It was a good evening. Good food, good conversation, and good friends.

We came back to the "Wehrhouse" to homemade cake and store bought ice cream! What a treat.

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