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Pizzaya is closed today. So sorry.. Pizza restaurant

Pizzaya is closed today. So sorry.

We had some interior shots of this pizza restaurant a couple of weeks ago. This is the outside of the shop. It appears to be about three meters (15') wide and about twice that deep. While small, the pizzas that are to be had inside are delicious. If you are ever in the neighborhood, it is probably a good time for a pizza.

Just let us know ahead of time so that we can make sure that they will be open. With the decline in economy and late summer vacations, they have not been open all the time. This Sunday, when I took this shot at about 5:30 PM, they were not open, having pulled the gate across the front of the door.

Meganesutoa/Eyeglass store, at least one of the ones in the neighborhood.. Glasses store

Meganesutoa/Eyeglass store, at least one
of the ones in the neighborhood.

Right next door to the pizza store is this eyeglasses store. Everytime we go by, there seems to be at least one person inside looking at glasses. Perhaps I never noticed independent glasses stores that much in the States, but there seem to be plenty in Japan. There are three that immediately come to mind in our neighborhood.

When Paul bought glasses locally, it was from a different shop closer to the train station.

Video Rental Store. You remember VHS tapes don't you?. Video rental store

Video Rental Store. You remember VHS tapes
don't you?

Next door and in the same building as the glasses store is this small video rental shop. We have never rented any of these videos, but they seem to do a farily brisk business. One of the reasons we haven't frequented local video shops is that we aren't sure that we would be able to understand them. In the States, nearly all films make outside the States are dubbed in English, so that you don't get the original sound track. We think that most English language film may retain their English sound track and have the Japanese as subtitles.

The other reason is that in the time we have been here, we have had the televion on fewer hours than we might have had in the States. We don't watch much TV. It has been a good thing.

Still another reason for not going into video rental places is the volume of unsavory videos for rent. There are laws on the Japanese books forbidding graphic sexually oriented presentations. Still, it is readily available anywhere. The generally degrading material and its sale is not one that we choose to support. But then, we don't know if they have such wonderful classics as Hitchcock's The Birds, or the ever-popular Fawlty Towers, or even the Disney masterpiece Fantasia.

This particular store is open from 12:00 until 26:00 (2:00 a.m.)

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