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Waga-san’s tiger lily. Waga-san no e

Waga-san’s tiger lily

The new shop is a small temporary gallery. It turns out that a friend of our friend Reiko Kashima-san, is exhibiting some of her work. We visited the show last weekend while Candy was gone and again this Sunday with Candy.

Waga-san claims not to be a professional artist, but the volume and quality of her work tells a different story. The snapshot here is of a lily blossom and bud and text. The painting is about 75cm by 120cm (2-1/2' by 4'). It appears to be sumi and watercolor on paper. Her works are distinctly Japanese, with many of the aspects that the French Impressionists admired so much.

Other works included painted screens and door panels, had appliqued quilts and Japanese indigo tie-dye. Also impressive was a series of daily illustrated postcards that she must have done for months. A very enjoyable show.

kusuri (or is it risuku?) for the holistic among you. kusuri (or is it risuku?)

kusuri (or is it risuku?) for the holistic among you

Across the street from the Waga-san exhibition is this drug store. The building was build without an idea of who the tenants might be. It stood finished but empty for quite a few months before the Seijo company put in this drug store.

As you would expect, it carries all sorts of things a drug store in the States would carry; tissues, asprin, cold medicines, bandages, beauty aides, personal toiletries, etc. I think there is a prescription counter in the back, but since we so seldom get prescriptions, we haven't had any occasion to verify that.

Back street restaurant. Restaurant

Back street restaurant

Back on the south side of the street is this restaurant with the wooden slat doors. To the right of the door is a little window box with models of the house specialities. If I remember correctly, it was shrimp tempura and sashimi. It seems to be covered with white paper since they are closed today. Beverly and I have eaten there at least once, perhaps twice. There is a story about a fish bowl.

I recall a time when there was a building where there is now a parking lot. I remember particularly because the red lanterns leading to a yakitori shop/restaurant/bar was a narrow cut between two buildings. I think the yakitori-ya is the low building behind the apartment building. We haven't been there.

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