3 in 30 - 2000.10.21 Saturday

Haijima Station parking area is crowded. Haijima Station parking area

Haijima Station parking area is crowded

Saturday mornings around the Haijima train station are as busy as during the week. For many, it is just another work day as the majority of Japanese have a six day work week. For students, there is a half day of school, but I didn't catch any of the students coming or going.

Here we see cars and a motorcycle vying for position at the south entrance of the station. In addition to individuals trying to get in and out, taxis try to position themselves for fares.

The Lotteria Hamburger shop just outside the south station entrance. Lotteria Hamburger

The Lotteria Hamburger shop

Across the street from the station is the corner fast food hamburger shop with the red sign and white katakana. There are a number of hamburger franchises, including several from the US. One of the big food companies (Lotte) probably owns this chain of Lotteria Hambuger restaurants. Occasionally Candy will take some yen and go down here to pick up her lunch on the weekend. You would have to ask her how it compares with Mickeldonald's. She doesn't like to go to Mosburger because as she says "They put mayonnaise on everything."

Next door to the right is a take-out sushi shop that is just as busy as the hamburger shop. I can verify that their foods are delicious.

On the near side of the corner is a young ladies clothing store. Though we haven't shopped there, it looks like quite a nice shop.

Get color prints for just ten yen. 10 yen color prints

Get color prints for just ten yen

Just next to the clothing store is this quick color print shop. As they boldly advertise, you can get color prints for ten yen—about ten cents.

We have usually taken our film and print needs to the Fujicolor Palette Plaza up the street on the other side of Lotteria. No estimates as to the quality of the prints.

The tiny stand to the left of the print shop is unknown to me. It could be a telephone card shop or a metered telephone shop. It is hard to tell. You can barely see the fall decorations attached to the light pole in front of this shop. The man on the bicycle is wearing a light jacket, so you can tell that even though it is a beautiful day, it is beginning to get cooler as we move toward the fall.

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