3 in 30 - 2000.11.04 Saturday

View to the north from 13 story apartment building.

View to the north from 13 story apartment building

After a week of rain, it is wonderful to have a weekend with the sun out. It gives us an opportunity to do some laundry and hang it out to dry...and have it dry in the course of the day. Beverly suggested today's snapshots taken from the 13th floor of a nearby apartment building.

In this view to the north, you can see Edo Kaido (our "main" street) running diagonally across the lower portion of the picture. The train lines are parallel to the street and mark the northern edge of our Matsubara-cho neighborhood. The white horizontal structure is part of the train station, a bridge to access each train line.

In the distance on the left is the new 12 story apartment building that is a sort of marker for the northwestern corner of the neighborhood.

View to the north northwest from 13 story apartment building. view north-northwest

View to the north northwest from 13 story apartment building

Turning a bit to the left, the most prominent feature in this snapshot is the small park where our summer festivals are held. In the background of the festival picture, you can again see the apartment building from which this picture was taken.

Just above the park, you can see a light green colored roof. This is an eight unit apartment building. Behind that is a light blue roof of our next door neighbors, the Takayama-san. The red roof behind that is our house.

This picture doesn't contain enough detail to show that we have laundry hanging out to dry on the upstairs patio.

View to the northwest from 13 story apartment building. view northwest

View to the northwest from 13 story apartment building

A bit more to the west, you can see across the Tama River valley.

The building on the right side of the image is a day care/community center for the mentally handicapped. The white building behind that is part of the elementary school. In the distance is what appears to be a blue structure. This is actually blue plastic tarps covering scaffolding inside of which, they are constructing a 14 story apartment building down by the river. It is close to obstructing our view of Mt. Fuji.

In the distance are the foothills to the west leading to mountains. Beyond those mountains are more mountain referred to as the Japanese Alps.

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