3 in 30 - 2000.11.25

fall colors

Japanese Maple turning

It is a beautiful Saturday during the Thanksgiving holiday. The Japanese Labor Day coincided with Thanksgiving Day, so some Japanese are enjoying a four day weekend. Our Japanese friends seem to be working Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday.

The intended shots were to include a new grocery market going up in our neighborhood, but wound up taking snapshots not 50 meters from our front door. Here you see a bright yellow Japanese maple peeking out from other foliage. The purple is a vine on the fence facing the alley. The gate is in front of the one-car carport.


Yanagawa san's bonsai

Right next door, just closer to our house, Yanagawa-san has these bonsai trees near her fence. I cannot read the kanji labels to know what kind of trees they are, but the shape of the leaf is that of a peach tree.

Last spring, we saw a picture of Yanagawa's kale.

Haijima Chapel

Haijima Chapel

The house we live in was built by a landowner for his mother-in-law. He built his own house right next door. It is one of the relatively larger houses in the neighborhood.

When we first moved here, this house was occupied by a friend who worked for the FFA. She did not have to pay the $3500 rental fee.

Now it is occupied by Mr. Kim and his family and they operate the Haijima Chapel. It is quite pleasant to hear familiar hymn tunes on Sunday mornings, though the lyrics are Japanese. I'm not certain of the size of the congregation, but I estimate it to be about fifty or so.

The bush as the very left edge is at our driveway and one that I try to keep trimmed.

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