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Early Ukiyo-e painting

Early Ukiyo-e painting

I get a little newsletter from my ISP and they suggested as their Pick of the Week a site about the history of old Tokyo. It was called Edo then. If you are interested in things about where we live, this might be interesting to you. The two sections I looked at were very well done. I tried to write to the author, but my message bounced back. Perhaps the person who put it together just got too much mail! Here is the announcement.

This page was a long, long time ago but has been captured by the internet way-back machine. It has been a long time since I looked at this so I cannot assure you that all the links work.

 P I C K  O F  T H E  W E E K
Edo, A Virtual Tour

Do you know that you're just a click away from 18th Century
Edo? Let this site's well-written historical narrative and
period artwork guide you through the predecessor to modern-day
Tokyo. The site's creator seeks to entertain you and offer you
some insights into the source of "traditional Japan".
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