Egypt in the fall

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Our son-in-law was born in Cairo, Egypt and was moved to Nebraska when he was three months old. As a young child, his parents took him back to Egypt occasionally to visit relatives while his father, who was a university professor traveled there more often to share some of his educational expertise. As a young married man, Hany wanted to share some of that Egyptian experience with our daughter. He was advised by his parents that it might be best if he waited until he was past the age of military conscription to make that tourist trip. That time arrived in early November, 2023 so plans were made and we were invited along. Hany’s parents also wanted to join the trip so we made up a party of eight.

After months of planning, preparation, new ultra-lightweight carry-on bags, and even hearing aides for us oldsters, we began the journey. From Fort Collins to Denver, Denver to London, and London to Cairo. It was a good 24 hours of travel time and we were exhausted but enthralled when we arrived.

Nov 21 - Nov 23

FC2Denver Route to KDEN Rocky Mountains Last view of the mountains At DEN At the gate
Denver-London Denver to London London2Cairo London to Cairo Cairo airport Cairo airport

Another hour or so through late night traffic from the airport to our Hotel Mena, at nearly one in the morning we had the view below from our balcony. When we got up in the morning, we visited the Mohamed Ali mosque.

Balcony view Balcony view Muhamed Ali mosque Mosque of Mohamed Ali Interior of Mohamed Ali Interior of Mohamed Ali

We also visited the Al Rifa’i Mosque where Aiden had his own investigations.

balcony Balcony view of Cairo Al Rifa’i Mosque Al Rifa’i Mosque Aiden at the Well The mosque well investigation

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