2023 Year in Review

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Luthansa_4337 Hey. It’s been a busy year. This is the year where we’re coming out of the COVID pandemic. We’re slowly attempting to come back to a changed normal. That means that we’ve been out socializing a bit more and doing some traveling further than the grocery store and back.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve been driving the truck any more than before. I think I only put gas in it three times in 2023 and drove less than 1500 miles. The same cannot be said for the miles we put on the Rogue.

Accordingly, we have been away from the house, out of state seven times this year while we still had a somewhat reasonable garden.

SunShade_6128 It was so hot last year that a lot of the garden just burned up. This year I built a frame over part of the garden and put up sun screen material. That really did help with some things so we had more and better tomatoes than last year. I think we put up ten quarts of tomato salsa, got butternut squash, and a couple zucchinis.

We went to Washington, D.C. for Frank’s promotion to full colonel with a ceremony at the Pentagon...

...Frank is Bev’s niece’s husband in the Air Force. The process of getting into the Pentagon and then the ceremony was impressive. Good job Frank. As a finale, our grandson pushed open a fire door which set off all sorts of alarms and brought military security by to assure that the door was secure. While in D.C., we spent time of the Mall, visiting the Washington Monument, walking down to the Lincoln Memorial, and then taking a tour of the White House. Add to that Museums, the zoo, and a huge party that Frank and Stacie gave for friends and family.
[Pictures and more from D.C.]

...and then to Henderson, NV for Bev’s cousin Richard and Kitty Heckendorf’s memorial.

We drove west on I-70 into Utah before heading south. We had not seen the topography out that way before and it was worth the route. Down in Henderson, it was good to spend some time with relatives. On the way back, we followed the Colorado River up through Arches National Park which was another first for us. Road Trip.
[Impressions from the trip west.]

MISunset0_6562 In June, we did a Wehr Family mini-reunion at Torch Lake using some of the Comfort Cabins. True that. Friends and family for about three weeks in and around Torch Lake. For the older Wehrs, there are indelible memories embedded in the waters of that lake.
[Torch memories.]

July took us out to Vermont to spend a bit more time with the Vermont Wehrs. [Vermont pictures]

Later in July, it was a shorter day trip up to Wyoming for an Ethan Allen memorial with Allen family members (Paul’s mother’s cousins.)

In September, there was another UMUC Former Employees reunion in Heidelberg, Germany. [Come with us to Heidelberg.]

To top it off, in November we went with Candy’s family to Egypt for three weeks. What a trip and what a year. [Amazing Egypt in a group of eight plus more.]

In between all that traveling, Bev worked for several months up in Estes Park helping people with their taxes as well as helping to plan her high school 55th year reunion. Throw in some hand surgery and eye surgery and it was a busy year.

Bev enjoys the drive up the Big Thompson Canyon to Estes Park and always relates what the traffic was like, how many elk, mountain goats, and eagles she sees...as well as how many anglers she sees in the river—even in the winter!
Bev had some surgery on an arthritic nuckle and Paul’s surgery was for a torn retina. Having the use of only one eye for the summer really put a damper on his ability to cast flies with a rod and reel to annoy those wily trout.

It’s all too much to include in one year end letter so I think I’ll put up some pictures and stories on the https://wehrhaus.com web site (you are here). I’m going to see if I can add a signup for an occasional newsletter to notify people of updates. Go to the website page and add your name and email address.

With this extended version of our past year, we’re looking at 2024 with some goals set and others still in the planning stages. Here’s hoping that your 2024 brings you all that you might wish.

Peace and love to all,
Paul and Bev