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special ohanami

special ohanami

A civic group, most likely the Civic Group from in front of Haijima Station, gives a seasonal flavor to the business area near the station. This is the season for plum blossoms, cherry blossoms and spring-like bright color. They place vari-colored decorations in holders attached to lamp posts. In this picture, you can see a branch with cherry blossom colored plastic shapes attached to simulate a branch of blossoms. In the background is the convenience store Family Mart. We also have a Lawson's convenience store but not a 7-11.

Small shrine

small shrine

This small shrine is on a raised area to the northwest of the train station. The larger shrines and temples in the general area are much closer to the Tamagawa River. The history of this particular shrine would be interesting to learn. There is some variation in the topography of our neighborhood. This shrine is in an area where it would have been near the top of the rise out of the wider river valley, still about a kilometer or more (a mile) from the river itself.

An alleyway with shops

alley shops

Shops in an alleyway about halfway between our house and the Haijima train station. One night coming home late from work—after midnight, I thought I might find something to eat along here. All I could find were some dried up broiled fish. On the other hand, beverages were plenitful. Later, I found a congenial establishment along here where thought I would practice my Japanese skills with other patrons. I only kept that up for a couple of months.

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