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gardenia blossoms

gardenia blossoms

Here are some aromatic gardenia blossoms. Gardenias were my mother’s choice of flower for a wedding corsage. These seem to be just past their prime for being multi-colored violet and white. These haven’t lost their fragrance yet.

Apartment building


This apartment building is across the main street (Edo Kaido) from us. On an average, a train passes within 70 feet of this building every 14 minutes from five in the morning throughout the day and evening until one in the morning. It is as convenient to the train station as is our house.

Another kind of cherry tree

cherry blossoms

This small cherry tree has some delightfully peach colored blossoms. There are many varieties of cherry trees. On this one, the buds start out deep red, change to peach and finally white before dropping off. The variety most numerous in our area start our a deep pink, change to a lighter pink until white before drifting down like a warm snowfall.

This is the weekend that meteorologists have predicted as being the best for cherry blossom viewing. Some people at work have organized cherry blossom viewing parties.

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