Washington, D.C.

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We were invited to Frank's promotion ceremony in late April/early May and thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate with family and to see a bit o our nation's capitol. The first day, we visited the Mall, including the Washington Monument, the Veteran's Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial. With a couple of youngsters, we didn't cover as much ground as we might have.

Group at Washington Monument Group at Washington Monument lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial malls_3840 Mall with reflecting pool

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Frank's ceremony was at the Pentagon and we managed to get through all the security to attend. Not surprisingly, all outside communication using our phones was completely cut off. Hany tracks his hikes with his watch and his track disappeared at the entrance to the Pentagon.
Frank and Stacie provided a huge party after the ceremony complete with tons of food, beverages, yard games, and an axe throwing trailer. There was quite a line for the axe throwing and given the instructions, turned out to be not as impossible as we thought.

FrankHanyStacieCandy Frank & Hany. Stacie & Candy Wayne as Axe Thrower! Wayne shows how it's done Frank's cousins and their parents Portion of Family group

We still had some time in D.C. so we tried to visit some of the attractions. With two little ones, we didn't go to some of the places I might have liked to visit, like the Smithsonian and the National Archives.We might have also visited our Congressional Representatives but figured the little ones had just about reached their fill.
We did visit a few more places.

Monkeys at the Zoo Monkeys to the zoo White House Selfie after the White House Tour IRS visit Passing the IRS

All in all, it was a good trip and a terrific opportunity to spend time with family.

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