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UMUC overseas employees who abruptly departed their service grouped togethers and began having reunions near various places where UMUC had offices or classrooms. Partly it was to commiserate about having lost their jobs but even more discussion was about the amazing educational opportunities that UMUC provided. Both Beverly and I were primarily administrative staff members rather than instructors. Still, we dealt with a lot of the people and have enjoyed these reunions.

We arrived several days early as we wanted to spend some quieter time with friends before the crowds arrived. First, we needed to be able to time our comings and going with transportation schedules. Of course we had to play Kubb with our favorite competitors.
Doris and her late husband were in the diplomatic corp and in addition to being clever and witty, were wonderful hosts. Doris still is.

Trolley schedule Handy snap of trolley schedule KUBB Pros First Day. KUBB! Visiting Visiting Doris Rüttinger
sunset Sunset over the Rhine Hemmingways Meeting at Hemmingway’s Essinghaus Dinner at Essinghaus

We missed some of the meetings where a general history of UMUC overseas was discussed, but we didn't miss the tour boat ride up the Nekar River.

Heidelberg Castle Heidelberg Castle Haarlass Haarlass on the Nekar Feurwehr Feurwehr truck

We were a little disoriented by all the new construction around the Hauptbanhof and curious about the old offices where we used to work. The new tenants of the building certainly had a different office environment than we did. We were allowed to tour the offices on Sunday.

Kubb The last Kubb game Altebrücke On the Altebrücke On th Marktplatz Pilsners and cheesecake

It was bittersweet making what may have been our last trip to Europe. We would have loved to spend more time there, visiting friends who were living in Spain, France, Czech, and Italy. We just didn't have the time. The weekend before we departed, Bev was helping ot host the 55th year reunion of her high school class. Immediately after returning, we had grandchildren's birthdays.

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