3 in 30 - 2000.04.22

View of Fuji-san from the second floor balcony


On a clear day, the most famous mountain in Japan is visible from our second floor balcony. Many days throughout the year, this glorious volcanic peak is obscured by clouds, atmospheric haze or pollution. Even though it is only about 75 KM (45 miles), there are many days when it is not visible. We are partially in the Tama River valley so our view is further obscured by the ridge of hills on the other side of the river. Houses and a new 14 story apartment building (under construction—note the crane about a mile distant) also complicate our view.

Street/alley to our house

street scene

The house on the left borders the street/alley to our house. Recall the "L" from the street map on March 18th. The street is just wide enough for one automobile of Japanese or US size. If someone else is coming or going in our alley, it is important to exhibit politness to other drivers by backing up or having patience until the other driver moves.

Just around the corner

small shops

These small shops are on the first floor of an apartment building called something like "100 together Heights". There are not 100 apartments in this building, nor do I think hundred people live there. It's just a nice name.

The shops have names like; Hana Sato (Home flowers), Snack, East good luck, Sayuri, and Tanpopo. These are small bars, except for Sayuri, which is a sushi shop each seating perhaps a dozen. Beverly and I had dinner at Sayuri once. Our neighbor lady Takayama-san used to present us with sushi gifts, probably from this shop.

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