January Trip

Journey to South America and Antarctica

Today is 1/28/06. It is now 11:08 PM.

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Bev, Paul and bags

We've been in Buenos Aires, Argentina for nearly 12 hours.

That's not even the amount of time we spent on airplanes to get here. But we packed up and as Candy dropped us off at the Denver airport, this his how prepared and relaxed we looked.

east of hotel

When we got to Buenos Aires (Ba As as they seem to refer to it here) we were met at the airport and whisked right to our hotel. The view out the sixth floor window to the east included two buildings which made us think of Europe. The rest of the buildings in this picture remind us that Argentina has been in a severe economic downturn for at least a decade.

9 de Julio Blvd

Our hotel is on the avenue that brags to be the widest boulevard in the world, the 9 de Julio Boulevard. It is actually made up of three named streets. 9 de Julio is six lanes each direction and then there are two one-way streets on either side. From the 12th floor of our hotel, it looks a little like this on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Woman's Bridge

In the evening, we went toward the river to find a restaurant. We found a wonderful little Italian restaurant the Sorrentino along a canal that parallels the river. On the way back to the hotel, we saw this bridge, named The Woman's Bridge that reminded us of some of the bridges over the Sumida River in Tokyo.

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