Day 13 snapshots

Today is Thursday February 9, 2006

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Arts Program

The return across the Drake Passage was taken up with activities and a few lectures. There was a program for the arts presented by a young woman from Australia. She discussed some of the imagery that developed from the exploratory journeys as well as images that appeared in the popular press during the "Heroic Age of Discovery."

For a "hands on" workshop, she provided ceramic clay and nearly all the participants crafted cartoonish penguins. Here, the staff photographer is working on an iceberg while a passenger is working with some water colors that she brought.

Artiste at work

Working on a cute penguin.

Somehow it seems that clay is not the most appropriate media for passengers on an Antarctic cruise ship to be working. The clay would not dry until after the passengers disembarked leaving them with very fragile green-ware to put in luggage that will most likely be thrown great distances and dropped from great heights. Most passengers will have no source to fire their pieces or otherwise finish them.

Chart update

There wasn't a lot of unique opportunities to take snapshots on the return trip. Birds on the wing were difficult to capture without specialized cameras and the weather was not the most accommodating. Near the reception desk, an informal chart was kept of where we were on any given day at noon. A few times, air and water temperature was taken to give us a comparison.

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