Day 5 snapshots

Today is February 1, 2006

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Departing Buenos Aires

We departed Buenos Aires early this morning and I took a couple of shots out the window. There is a domestic airport near the river, but still in the city. It only has one runway. We took off in a northwesterly direction, turned right over the river and headed south to Tierra del Fuego. The coast makes a crescent nearly all the way to the tip of South America, so we were over the Atlantic Ocean most of the time.

Land fall, Tierra del Fuego

At 34,000 feet, we make land fall where they promote living "at the End of the Earth." This doesn't seem to be a heavily populated area, or very heavily traveled. There is a road diagonally at the lower right.

Beagle Straits

Descending to land at Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, we flew between the mountains over Beagle Strait. This from an altitude of 3-4000 feet. We passed a tour boat patrolling the straits. It was much larger than the boat we'll be taking across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula.

Mount Olivia

Beverly says that this view out our window at the hotel Los Ñires reminds her of either the Estes Park area or the Spanish Peaks northwest of Walden, Colorado. Our hotel is at an altitude of 121 feet and the mountain in the center rises up to about 4,800 feet—just about the altitude of Fort Collins.

It has been a little windy since our arrival. When I checked the weather last week, the reports were "calm." If the wind keeps up, blowing at 20-30 miles an hour, it could make crossing the Drake Passage a bit of a challenge. I'll probably be thankful that Beverly got medication for motion sickness.

This will probably be the last up-to-date entry of our trip until the 11th of February. Tomorrow, we will board the ship and not have regular access to the internet. When the ship returns, we will be back at this hotel and again be able to add pages. At that time, we'll probably have ten pages to add. Tune in late on the 11th.

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