Day 3 snapshots

Today is 1/30/06. It is now 9:18 PM

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9 julio avenue

The previous snapshot of 9 julio avenue was taken on a Sunday when we found many places closed and little traffic on the roads. On Monday, I looked out the window and found 9 julio avenue filled with traffic. People were everywhere. The city had come alive on Monday.

rubber plant tree in Recoleta

This Monday, we walked to the Recoleta neighborhood. This appears to be one of the more affluent neighborhoods. The other affluent neighborhood was the islands of the Tigre area. At a Recoleta park, there was this rubber plant tree. It was huge! A sign placed near the tree said that it was planted in memory of the Recoleta brothers in 1800. The tree was 205 years old.

Recoleta Cemetary

In Recoleta is the most famous cemetery in Argentina. We walked to it and wandered through to see the final resting place of the rich and famous. We stopped by the crypt of Evita Peron. After more than 50 years, people still visit her crypt regularly and leave flowers.

Ba Sa subte

While we walked the approximately 30 blocks to Recoleta, we wanted to ride the subway. So we rode the subway back to the hotel. It took a little while to figure out where the signs were, but we found them and were able to navigate back to our hotel, even making a train change. One man tried to help us to the appropriate stop, but I think he misinterpreted our overheard conversation and pointed for us to exit the station where we wanted to make a transfer. I hope we didn't offend him by re-entering and getting on another train.

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