Day 14 snapshots

Today is Friday February 10, 2006

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Bev at stern on return

Since we had already made a crossing of the Drake Passage, and we had already studied to try to learn about the wild life, the return trip was a little less strenuous. In addition, we were more used to the action of the ship at sea, so we were a little more relaxed on the return.

Here, Beverly seems to be relaxing at the stern and watching the waves roll by.


We still kept an eye out for the birds of the sea. This wandering albatross hung around the ship obligingly posing for a last few photographs for those who hadn't already taken hundreds.

Relaxing on deck

Others enjoyed the warming air and sun as we headed back north into more summery weather after being surrounded by ice on the frozen continent. The temperature where we were on the Antarctic Peninsula never really did get very cold. First of all, it was the summer. Then, all the temperatures were moderated by proximity to water. So here are some people catchin' a few rays.

Moonrise on the Drake

On the last night of our travel on the open sea, the moon came up and greeted up with a full face. This was probably a complement to the wonderful sunset we had on the way down.

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