Day 4 snapshots

today is January 31, 2006

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No time for explanations this evening. It's late and we have a plane to catch early in the morning.


Cats at the Botanical Gardens. Lots of them. [Later: We heard that there were cats hanging out at the Botanical Gardens, but we didn't expect hundreds! Semi-tame, people picked them up and petted them.]


Dog walking. On the sidewalks. Be careful where you step. [Later: And the Porteños have their dogs. I imagine you could earn a fair living taking people's out for walks like this young man is doing. It wouldn't be too difficult. Certainly they don't worry about cleaning up after their charges. It is advisable to watch were you step. In any neighborhood.]

Japanese garden

Beautiful Japanese gardens near Botanical Gardens. [Later: This is an Argentinean version of a Japanese garden. It was fairly well done and we met a sculptor there named Baku Inoue-san. He has made a marble sculpture for the garden and is working on two more. He is originally from Kawasaki so I don't believe he is related to Inoue-sensei, our potter friend.]

flower petal sculpture

Huge 20 meter high mechanical sculpture of a flower blossom. Like a magnolia. [Later: Just north of the Museo de Belles Artes.]

Speaking of north, the maps have us a little confused. Many of the maps we see are oriented with the top of the page oriented toward the pole. In the case of the U.S. the nearest pole is the North Pole. Down here in Argentina, the closest pole is the South Pole and the maps for Buenos Aires have north at the bottom of the page and south at the top. Every once in a while, it has us scratching our heads.

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